Pubblicato il 3 July 2018


The Trebbiano Romagnolo is a wine whose lightness and taste is comparable to the cat, it’s a free spirit with no rules and a sweet one at the same time.

La Gatta was born from the “della Fiamma” grape variety and it’s a rediscovery of ancient flavors and old stories, the wine which has 7 lives.

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Made from Trebbiano and Pignoletto grapes, this wine is superbly limpid with a fine straw yellow colour.

The delicate and agreeable bouquet has hints of acacia, hawthorn and banana.

Taste is pleasantly fresh, smooth and well-balanced, finishing again with vegetable hints.

An ideal accompaniment for fresh cheese, white meats and fish.

Additional information

Production area

Croce di Montecolombo (RN)

Grape variety

Pignoletto, Trebbiano

Method of cultivation

Organic agriculture

Alcohol content

11,5% Vol.

Serving temperature

10-12 °C