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Unico (unique), as the Sangiovese that the fishermen in Rimini drank during their meager lunch.

Unico as the way our family produces organic wine.

Unico as the storytelling of our land and history.

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Since it is obtained from pure Sangiovese grapes, it has got a ruby red colour with purple nuances.

When young the bouquet has rather intense hints of “marasca” cherries, blackcurrant and wild strawberries, with a floral close of roses and jasmine.

Taste is pleasant, agreeable and enjoyably fresh with well-balanced tannins.

An ideal accompaniment for delicatessen meats, medium-mature cheese and red meats. Perfect to drink slightly chilled with sardines and grilled fish.

Additional information

Production area

Croce di Montecolombo (RN)

Grape variety


Method of cultivation

Organic agriculture

Alcohol content

12% Vol.

Serving temperature

16 °C